Outer Rim: Uprising

Rebellious Bundle for the Sci-Fi Horror Tabletop RPG Mothership

Can you hear it? It’s a roar. It’s a tide rising from the edges of the galaxy. It’s a calling for you to join the fight. Outer Rim: Uprising is a bundle of 15-plus original zines, pamphlets, cards, maps, and player-facing accessories all driven by a strong, riotous spirit. 

It’s brought to you by The Lost Bay Studio, expert tabletop RPG bundlers, and a gang of top-tier international designers and artists. It’s Kickstarting in fall 2023.

Want to run a horror-infused, sci-fi one shot with minimal prep? We got you covered. ORU contains ready-to-take-off, standalone adventures and space dungeons. 

Planning to run a year-long campaign? All ORU items are interconnected, forming a vast, dangerous, and thrilling setting at the fringes of the galaxy. 

But there’s more! The ORU Campaign Handbook is packed with extra connective tissue to tie the bundle items together: custom classes, xeno artifacts, secret locations, legendary backstories, and insurrection-flavored tables.

You’re already running a weekly sci-fi campaign, and you’re looking for tools to spice it up? ORU is an open toolkit and comes with a collection of maps, NPC cards, generators, and procedures suitable for any sci-fi game. Want to know the best part of it? Half of those items are kickass, player-facing accessories that you can lay on your gaming table for a guaranteed cool effect.

We’ve been crafting this bundle for months, in the utmost secrecy of our off-world, hidden facility. We’re designing for you corrupt, security-for-hire megacorps; android labor strikes at gas-harvesting plants; failing experimental hard drives and a mysterious hunger haunting a derelict ship; high-security prison sabotage in a barely breathable atmosphere; experimental flesh-metal drones; illegal cybernetic parts for sale; super-hot rebel factions; and much, much more.

The team is composed of the best game designers of the Rimworld. Most of them are veteran designers of successful Mothership-compatible zines:

Chris Airiau (Bio-Drones & Cryo-Clones), David Blandy (Eco MOFOs!!), Josh Domanski (The Bureau), Victor J Merino (ALCOR Station), Nyhur (Alien Armory), Zach Hazard Vaupen (Mothership 1e PSG & WOM art), Marco Serrano (Constant Downpour Remastered), David Kenny (Hardlight Station, Nirvana on Fire), Tim Obermueller (Hoss), Marco Serrano (Constant Downpour Remastered), Christian Sorrell (The Bloodfields at Blackstar Station), Alfred Valley (Thousand Empty Light), Zach Hazard Vaupen (Mothership 1e PSG & WOM art) and IKO (Skyrealms, The Lost Bay RPG).

The bundle items are illustrated and laid out by the most talented artists of the RPG scene: Evangeline Gallagher, Gontijo, Holly Jenka, Daniel Locke, Victor J Merino, Zach Hazard Vaupen, Jean Verne and Vil.

Outer Rim: Uprising bundle is going to be massive, fun, and beautiful. In the next few months and until the campaign launch we’ll share goodies, special podcast interviews and actual plays. Subscribe now, receive exclusive content, and be the first to be notified on prelaunch.