The Lost Bay RPG

The Lost Bay is a Suburban Gothic RPG set in 199X. It's live on Kickstarter! launch:



What is The Lost Bay?

The Lost Bay is a suburban gothic tabletop RPG. It’s set in alternate 199X. The Lost Bay is also the name of the game setting, a small coastal suburb, both familiar and uncanny, where the mundane and the magical mix inextricably. Living Saints, rituals, blood curses are part of the characters’ daily life alongside console games, VHS tapes, and phone booths.

The Lost Bay is my passion project, I’ve been working on it for years. Now, thanks to the loving support of play testers and early enthusiasts, the game is ready to go to print! I am overexcited, and I can’t wait to share it with you.


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Who is the game for? 

  • OSR, NSR enthusiasts will enjoy the lightweight and hackable rules, as well as the semi-tactical approach to powers and to combat.

  • Fans of Dark Fantasy will feel at home playing powerful and weird characters.

  • People who want to feel the 199Xs magic will love references to film and subcultures spread throughout the books.

Key Features of the game

Strong Vibes. Playable character classes are called Vibes, and are inspired by 90s urban and horror archetypes. There’s ten of them to choose from, like Splinter, Firestarter, Scanner, Screamer. Vibes are granted specific powers and gear.

Lore light and flavor heavy. The lore of The Lost Bay is spread throughout the ruleset, tables, and game procedures. You’ll discover it as you create your character and play. You can customize the setting or dive head first into the pre-existing world.

Open and play. The core ruleset is spread over four pages and built around a unique mechanic. Whether you’re a veteran or novice you’ll need fifteen minutes to familiarize yourself with it.

Weird is cool. The Lost Bay is story driven and focused on exploration and character growth in an urban fantasy world.

Deadly combat. Combats are fast and epic, particularly if you use one of your powers.

Community fueled. The game engine is robust, and has been extensively playtested and fine tuned, thanks to the feedback of a community of early enthusiasts. 

Solo compatible. The ruleset, setting and procedures, have been designed to facilitate and support solo play.

The system in a nutshell

  • Three attributes, and a d6 dice pool for all your Action Rolls or Saves.

  • One resource to fuel your Powers.

  • Powers always succeed but can get you a Scar.

  • Scars can hurt you, make you more powerful, or change you. They are specific to each Vibe.

  • If you get all the Scars and you manage to survive them, you become a Living Saint, an immortal roaming the Bay. YOU become the Lore of the Bay.

And by the way, all the amazing art in the game is by Evangeline Gallagher.

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