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Fear Bundle

Fear Bundle

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Prepare to be scared, in a fun way
Love to feel a shiver running on your spine? Miss a good spooky night? Need a bedtime horror story? We got you covered. The Fear Bundle comes packed with tabletop RPG contemporary horror adventures and gaming accessories.

What is the Fear Bundle?

A collection of indie tabletop RPG supplements from some of the most creative indie RPG designers, both veterans and first-time authors.  We’re talking about 11 supplements, packaged in a beautiful black folder. The bundle modular structure allows you to build your own gaming experience and play for weeks, both group and solo games: survive in a city ravaged by Kaijus, run for your life in a zombie-infested world, fight your way out of corporate horror, get through a suburban nightmare, fight and much more horrific adventures.

Bundle Contents:

  • Metroskate Bloodbath, roller-skating chaos, pamphlet 
  • Sodastone, music horror adventure, gatefold pamphlet
  • Unit DH-17, suburban horror minidungeon, A5 mini-zine
  • The Vanished, corporate horror dungeon, A3 foldable map/dungeon
  • Liminal Colossus, kaiju-infested setting, A5 concertina
  • Inventory Card System, A5 cards and character sheets
  • Click Clack + Gushing Graveler, wicked NPCs, card
  • The True Church, evil cult generator, A5 leaflet
  • It adapts to your breathing, doppelgänger horror adventure, pamphlet
  • Breathless, zombie survival rules-lite game, bifold
  • Exclusion Zone Botanist, vegetal horror solo drawing game, pamphlet
  • Liminal Horror, contemporary cosmic horror game, PDF only

The bundle features a mix of system-neutral and Liminal Horror supplements, and it’s packaged in a beautiful, black stock folder illustrated by Evangeline Gallagher. All zines and supplements come with a complimentary PDF copy plus a Liminal Horror PDF and a UNIT DH-17 conversion to LH.

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Metroskate Bloodbath, Logan Dean

SKATE OR DIE. When a mysterious tone takes over the minds of everyone in the local skating rink, you and your friends must brave its psychedelic effects before it spreads to the whole town. Designed for Liminal Horror or any modern horror RPG.

Sodastone, Alfred Valley

The music at the Sodastone always kills. Especially tonight. Sodastone is a small-town, small-form Liminal Horror mystery of strange tapes and rituals disguised as a gig flier.


UNIT DH-23, Iko

A small, ordinary prefab suburban house hides subterranean flesh abominations. You shouldn’t have accepted that babysitting gig! UNIT DH-23 is the first adventure released for the upcoming The Lost Bay RPG.

The Vanished, Josh Domanski

The Digital Transformation Department is typically a hive of activity. But its occupants are gone, vanished into thin air. The only clue to their disappearance lies in a power surge that cascaded through the building, shorting out critical systems.

Liminal Colossus, Mynar Lenahan

The final Doom Clock has filled. The Liminal Colossus rises from beneath the sea. The city is decimated, with people trying to rebuild what they can. How will survivors adapt to this strange, new era for humanity? This systemless supplement provides setting and gameplay guidelines for a post-kaiju apocalypse. Do jobs for three citywide Factions, endure a list of weird random encounters, and watch in terror as the GM rolls to see where the kaiju rampages next.

Click Clack + Gushing Graveler, Zach Hazard Vaupen, Nick Tofani

From the sick minds and delicate hands of Zach Hazard Vaupen (Liminal Horror, Mothership, Fallen) and Nick Tofani (Gradient Descent), Click Clack and Gushing Graveler are two creatures developed for use in any session of Liminal Horror. For a truly eerie and unnerving game, you won’t want to sleep on these creeps. 


Liminal Horror Inventory Card System, Goblin Archives

Liminal Horror Inventory Card System adapts the Mausritter physical card setup. Watch your PCs’ inventory fill as they grab weapons, wounds, and fallout. Enjoy new custom character sheets featuring art by Roque Romero and item cards featuring art by Andrew White & José Manuel González (AKA Punkpadour).

The True Church, Iko and the STATIONS

A system-neutral wicked cult generator. The front looks like an actual church leaflet that the DM can show to the players.

It adapts to your breathing, PP Renaud

It adapts to your breathing is an adventure in the form of a leaflet for a player and a facilitator. The player character is confronted with a situation that is as disturbing as it is narcissistic; they are being themself. You can play it with any TTRPG.

Breathless, René-Pier Deshaies-Gélinas

Breathless is a survival horror role-playing game where you play as Survivors trying to stay alive in a walled city full of Crawlers (zombies). The entire game fits on two sides of a letter-sized sheet of paper, making it the perfect game to print at home and enjoy for a nice and cozy zombie-killing one shot.

Exclusion Zone Botanist, Exeunt Press

Inspired by The Colour Out of Space and Annihilation, Exclusion Zone Botanist is a solo roleplaying and sketching game in an A4 tri-fold pamphlet. You are a botanist assigned to document plants in a heavily forested area known as the EZ. It’s been sealed off for years, slowly mutating the land and anything that dares enter its borders. The longer you stay, the higher your risk of being corrupted by the forest. Get in. Discover and document. Get out.

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