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The Electrum Archive - 1

The Electrum Archive - 1

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“On Orn the pauper dreams of a liquid, black as starless night. The power of gods, distilled into midnight ink.”

The Electrum Archive is a science-fantasy TTRPG zine series inspired by the worlds of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Dark Sun and Ultraviolet Grasslands. It uses simple core rules inspired by other OSR games like Cairn, Mausritter and Whitehack to quickly get you started playing. 

The game is set on the world of Orn, a place long ago abandoned by an alien race now known as the Elders. The magical ink left behind in the shipwrecks of these ancient aliens is now used as currency and inhaled by warlocks as fuel for their spell casting. Adventurers called inkseekers venture out into the decaying world beyond the cities ruled over by scheming Merchant Houses to look for Elder artefacts and ink.

What's in this first zine?

  • A robust system of core rules and procedures to get you started exploring Orn.
  • A large point crawl map of the inhabited portion of Orn.
  • Descriptions of the eight major factions and their schemes.
  • 60 plot hooks spread over six detailed regions to kickstart your adventure.
  • 120 engaging encounters to come across on your journeys.

A bestiary with over 30 monsters to discover and a table for generating NPCs.


  • A5 zine, 72 page (including cover), Color cover with B&W interior
  • A3-sized poster map 
  • PDF


Writing, layout and Illustrations: Emiel Boven

Editing and development: Ava Islam

Additional Illustrations: Logan Stahl, Charles Ferguson-Avery, Tom Duijm

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