TTRPG IRL Community copies

With Sean Patrick Cain - Yochai Gal - Caverns of Heresy

This is the second episode of a three part mini series on TTRPG zines, the physical objects, we love, make, read and use to play role playing games. The first one is and interview with Leo from L.F. OSR, maker and publisher of limited editions of bespoke RPG zines.

If you play RPGs you're probably familiar with the concept. Community copies are free copies of RPG games or adventures, people can download from the internet. It's a way for designers and publishers to support members of the community who can't afford for whatever reason to buy a game.

In this episode, we are going to take a closer look at what some people in the community start to call IRL community copies. As in, in real life, community copies. These are physical copies of zines distributed for free in various places, mainly in Little free libraries. You know, these boxes one can find sometimes by the side of the road where people drop books and even other supplies. We will accompany three indie game designers, Sean Patrick Cain, Yochai Gal, and Caverns of Heresy, while they print, prepare, and distribute some in real life community copies.

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