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Introducing SKYREALMS!

A system-neutral RPG fantasy setting and coloring book full of misty floating islands and weird creatures brought to you by Iko and Evlyn Moreau. Compatible with DCC, Troika, Cairn, DURF

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Text and layout: Iko - Art: Perplexing Ruins - Proofreading and editing: Cleo Madeleine - Photos: Laura Elle

Broken Luck - a Troika zine

BROKEN LUCK is a full-color zine supplement for the science-fantasy tabletop RPG TROIKA! Be a Kid God. A Holy Beast. A minor deity or a powerful mortal being. Whoever you are, you’re an unlucky traveller and you’ve crossed the childish Gods. Now your life is a mess. You wander across the spheres and hide from the vengeful immortals. You seek their secret palace to take revenge and free yourself from their wretched curses.


  • Five Backgrounds - minor deities, fallen immortals, cursed wanderers, and more
  • Background to NPC conversion table + custom mien
  • 22 Major Arcana Tarot system, with spells, combo mechanics and curses
  • Six adventure sparks tables
  • Two godly minions NPCs + custom mien
  • Three god generation tables
  • Godly Curse table


  • Custom Oops table card
  • The Faceless God tables card
  • The Life Egg adventure Pamphlet

Digital copies

Physical copies
Floating Chair Club - USA
Exalted Funeral - USA
Cave Evil - USA
Iron Buffalo - USA
Knave of cups - USA
Rook's Press - UK
Igloo Tree - UK
Antipode Zines - UK
Ratti Incantati - Canada
Monkey's Paw Games- Canada
Cardboard Monster - Australia

Concept and pop-up: Iko - Text and layout: Emiel Boven - Art: Bordecholly - Proofreading and editing: Cleo Madeleine - Additional editing and photos: Laura Elle

The Pepetual Broth

Somewhere in the countryside stands The Perpetual Broth. The inn prides itself on its namesake, a soup that has been cooking for almost twenty years. The soup is constantly topped up with new ingredients, giving it its signature taste. But yesterday evening Julie, the kitchen help, disappeared, and this morning a guest woke up with his skin rose-scented and covered in thorns. Milo the innkeeper asks the adventurers to find out what is going on.

The pop-up is very simple to assemble, all you need is a ruler, scissors, and glue. Print the pop-up elements, cut, glue, fold, and play. Open the zine on the game table and amaze the players!

4 sided pamphlet plus 2 sides of cut-out components and assembly instructions. Black and white.

Digital copies

Physical copies
Exalted Funeral
Rook's Press


Alfred Valley

Designer and publisher of Thousand Empty Lights

Alfred Valley is the writer, designer and publisher of several TTRPGS characterized by unique setting and mechanics. In particular he wrote Lay on hands, a solo RPG in which you play as a healer in a post apocalyptic RPG, and Thousand Empty Ligth, a solo adventure for the Sci-Fi Horror RPG Mothership. In this episode we talk about the coziness of darkness, the art of haggling, cryprography and cassestte tapes.

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