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Allen Hall

Elevator Game

Elevator Game

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Missing people. Strange encounters. Rumors. Whispers. That's just the cost of doing business at Elevator Game.

Elevator Game is a module for the dark fantasy horror TTRPG The Lost Bay. The story begins with the players receiving three issues of the punk zine Elevator Game. These zines (included as player handouts with the GM's guide) contain the clues to lead the players on their investigations.

Each advertised shop is a place that they can visit. Each article contains clues to the mysterious disappearances. Each classified ad connects to NPCs with information to help the players figure out who is behind these strange occurrences.

The module includes:

- A point crawl through Springfield to important locations mentioned in the three included issues of Elevator Game.
- A brand new Vibe for TLB players: The Mosher.
- NPCs at each location with information to guide the players' investigations.
- A Doom Clock for urgency. If the players can't find Rin in time, the plot will push forward (to the untimely ends of certain NPCs).
- Artifacts (High Class Vinyl) and character mods (Rin's Tattoos) to acquire.
- A short, but deadly, dungeon to find and explore.
- Stats for the otherworldly entity Rin as well as the creatures it creates to guard its lair.

Your purchase of Elevator Game includes the 40-page GM's guide and the three 8-page issues of Elevator Game (an in-world publication).


  • 3xA6 B&W zine
  • 1xA5 B&W with color cover zine
  • PDFs


Writing and Design by M. Allen Hall

Art by Strega Wolf van den Berg

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