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A solo journaling game of weird research, zealous bureaucracy, and eldritch interference.

Outliers is a single-player journaling game in which you play a research assistant trying to do their job in an absurd environment. Recruit participants, collect data, and perform miscellaneous tasks around the lab before  the study runs out of funds. Keeping your job shouldn’t be hard when your participants are clones, time travelers, and cryptids . . . right?


  • B&W & orange A5 wire-bound zine with frosted covers
  • PDF
  • Print and Play assets (tokens, lab notebook labels, lab money)


Written & designed by Samantha Leigh

Edited by J Boone Dryden & Marx Shepherd

Layout by James Hanna

Illustrated by Carly A-F

Outliers uses the Wretched & Alone system, based on The Wretched by Chris Bissette.

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