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Slayer's Almanac

Slayer's Almanac

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Welcome To The City

Cursed to spread forever towards the horizon. Filled to the brim with monsters. This is The City, home of the Slayers.

The Slayers Almanac is a setting supplement for the Slayers RPG. Filled with districts for you to travel through, maps to wander across, and rumors leading to your next big hunt. Inside you'll find 10 new districts of the City, written by a wide cast of incredible writers and designers from the indie RPG scene.

Whether this is your first time playing Slayers, or you’re a veteran monster hunter, this book is perfect for your next journey into The City.

What's inside

The Slayers Almanac includes 10 unique districts of The City. Each district is written by a different author from the indie RPG design community, with the whole book unified by Mike Rieman's incredible art and layout.

Each district includes

  • A hexmap for your Slayers to explore
  • Travel guide for the Slayer on the go
  • Factions and important NPCs for the GM to drop into a session
  • Rumors for the Slayers to pursue

  • 8.5" x 5.5" inch, half letter, perfect bound zine, 52 page, color
  • PDF of the zine

Writing: Juno Baker, Spencer Campbell, Logan Dean, Jay Dragon, Josh Hittie, Angela Lemus-Mogrovejo, Luna Petra G., Jessica Marcrum, Kevin Thien Vu Long Nguyen, Charu Patel, J. R. Zambrano
Art & Layout: Mike Rieman
Editing: Will Jobst

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