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The Lost Bay Studio

The Lost Bay, Hardcover Book preorder

The Lost Bay, Hardcover Book preorder

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The main The Lost Bay book
160 page, hardback book, A5

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  The Lost Bay book includes:
  • Character creation and core rules
  • Ten playable classes
  • Three post-death special classes
  • Class-custom character growth, and Scar tables
  • Tips and toolkits
  • Advanced rules (NPC roles, Area Mood, Difficulty Levels, bestiary Design helpers and more, custom classes)
  • Adventure-building frameworks
  • Extensive and ready-to-use setting
  • Exploration procedures
  • Seven full-fledged districts featuring locations, specific bestiary, Scary MOFOs (bosses), complications, rumors, treasures, adventure seeds, and pregen point-crawls.
  • Advanced solo procedure
  • CYOA like character creation procedure

  • IKO: Text and layout
  • Evangeline Gallagher: art
  • Strega Wolf van den Berg: maps
  • Laura Elle, Samantha Leigh, Walton Woods: editing
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