The Lost Bay Preorders

The Lost Bay is a suburban gothic tabletop RPG. It creates an alternate version of 199X, both familiar and uncanny, where the mundane and the magical mix inextricably. It’s inspired in equal parts by dark fantasy, ‘80s horror classics, and ’90s indie culture.

The Lost Bay is a standalone game for one to six players. It’s a set of two hardback books that contain everything you need to play: character creation, core rules, advanced tips and toolkits, bestiary and adventures. Both books are packed with tables and hooks to spark and play mischievous factions, dark mysteries, and terrifying antagonists.The books are available for preorder. See below for details.

These are preorders. Product prices don't include the shipping fees, they will charged right before fulfilment. See Fulfillment and Timeline at the bottom of this page for more info.

Online character Keeper

Character Sheet 

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Key features

Strong Vibes. Playable character classes are called Vibes and are inspired by ’90s urban and horror archetypes. There’s ten to choose from, like Splinter, Firestarter, Scanner, or Screamer. Vibes are granted specific powers and starting gear.

Lore light and flavor heavy. The lore of The Lost Bay is spread throughout the ruleset, tables, and game procedures. You’ll discover it as you create your character and play. You can customize the setting or dive headfirst into the pre-existing world.

Open and play. The core ruleset is spread over four pages and built around a unique mechanic: roll a pool of d6s and keep the highest result. 6 is a success, a 5 is a success with complications. Whether you’re a veteran or novice, you’ll need only fifteen minutes to familiarize yourself with it.

Deadly combat. Combats are fast and epic, particularly if you use one of your Powers. Powers always succeed, but might trigger Scars.

Solo compatible. The ruleset, setting, and procedures have been designed from the outset to support both  solo and ensemble play.

VastThe Lost Bay implied setting is divided into seven Districts. For each District (Mall Nation, the Waterfront, Trashland, Sleep Country, Sinking Marshes, the Eye and the Desert), you’ll get a specific bestiary, pregenerated mini pointcrawl, detailed locations, and additional location generation procedures. 

Weird is cool. The Lost Bay is story driven and focused on exploration and character growth in an urban dark fantasy world.

Unlocked stretch goals

The following Stretch Goals have been unlocked during the Kickstarter campaign, and will be included in any pre orders

  • EPUB, Accessible PDF, Accessibility toolkit
  • Extended solo procedure
  • French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese quickstarts
  • Advanced online character keeper
  • Two additional mini settings
  • Digital suburb generator
  • Mini gamebook like character creation procedure
  • Player facing helpers
  • Creator fund (for 3RD party designers)


We’ll fulfill from the US, the UK, the EU. Fulfillment is EU friendly (no customs). For destinations outside the US, UK, EU additional import fees might apply. Below are estimates in GBP, USD, EUR. Those estimates might change. We’re always doing our best to reduce shipping fees as much as possible. Shipping fees will be charged right before fulfillment in Shopify. You'll get a detailed email when time comes.

The Lost Bay - US $8 - UK £7 - EU €11 - ROW £16

TLB + Urban Legends - US $12 - UK £8 - EU €13 - ROW £20

Community edition - US $13 - UK £9 - EU €14 - ROW £22


We don’t want you to wait until the books are printed to start playing. This is why we’ve planned a series of intermediate releases. 

Three weeks after the end of the campaign

  • Early access PDF release


  • Writing and layout


  • Early draft release Google doc


  • Editing
  • Final layout pass


  • Advanced draft release Google doc
  • Digital fulfilment


  • Shipping