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The Lost Bay Studio

The Lost Bay + Urban Legends, Hardcover

The Lost Bay + Urban Legends, Hardcover

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The main The Lost Bay book
160 page, hardback book, A5

Urban Legends book

100 page, hardback book, A5

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The Lost Bay book includes

  • Character creation and core rules
  • Ten playable classes
  • Three post-death special classes
  • Class-custom character growth, and Scar tables
  • Tips and toolkits
  • Advanced rules (NPC roles, Area Mood, Difficulty Levels, bestiary Design helpers and more, custom classes)
  • Adventure-building frameworks
  • Extensive and ready-to-use setting
  • Exploration procedures
  • Seven full-fledged districts featuring locations, specific bestiary, Scary MOFOs (bosses), complications, rumors, treasures, adventure seeds, and pregen point-crawls.
  • Advanced solo procedure
  • CYOA like character creation procedure

Urban Legends book includes

Deep Water, by Iko. West Marches framework. You and your gang live in a squat and explore the Lost Bay to collect relics, secrets, new Powers. While this is happening factions clash, and something larger than you shakes the Lost Bay: water is cursed, a cyclopic sea creature lies in the abandoned harbor, and water ghosts sow panic. 

UNIT DH-17 Remastered, by Iko. The first suburban dungeon for TLB with new art, new monsters, new levels. A small prefab suburban house hides the most terrifying and supernatural secrets. You shouldn’t have accepted that babysitting gig.

The Swine, slasher survival escape by Iko and Chris Airiau. You wake up in a basement,  locked in a freezer, and you’re not sure how you ended up there. Crawl your way back to the surface and survive the wrath of the Swine.

Heterogony of Ends, body-horror mutation by Watt. Spice up other Lost Bay adventures with Flesh Pods, Skulking Children, and their Flesh Mothers, or tie these pieces together for a session or two of roleplaying. 

Parabyte, cursed Tamagotchi module by Samantha Leigh. Everything you need to know about caring for this one-of-a-kind pet!  Contains instructions for operating a cursed digital toy that can be found in the Lost Bay, and the sacrifices one must make to raise their pet to adulthood.

Decay Daughters, nuclear hex-crawl by Alfred Valley. You bought a mysterious artifact and your bones are turning into gold. People and creatures from all around are drawn to it, and some will stop at nothing to get at what’s inside of you. You must race against the clock and find a way to stop the transformation.

  • IKO: Text and layout
  • Evangeline Gallagher: art
  • Strega Wolf van den Berg: maps
  • Laura Elle, Samantha Leigh, Walton Woods: editing
  • Samantha Leigh, Chris Airiau, Alfred Valley, Watt, Dave Kenny, PP Renaud: additional design
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