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Exeunt Press

Exclusion Zone Botanist

Exclusion Zone Botanist

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Exclusion Zone Botanist is an ENNIE nominated solo drawing & sketching game.

Everyone in the Bureau just calls it the EZ. The densely forested area has been sealed off, mutating the land, and anything that enters its borders.

You are a botanist assigned to explore and document the Exclusion Zone flora.

Get in. Discover and document. Get out.

ZINE EDITION: This is an updated version of the original trifold edition as an A5 (5.8" x 8.3") zine with improved layout and art. It is a compilation of the Exclusion Zone Botanist trifold and the Plant Discovery Guide mini-expansion. It does not significantly change the original rules, content, or random tables. Approximately 28 pages. Printed on 100 lb. satin text with a 130 lb. Soft-Touch cover.

NOTE: This item is the game book (zine) only. It does not include any additional components. Dice not included.

WHAT YOU NEED TO PLAY: A copy of the EZ map, a token to mark your position, writing/drawing implements, two six-sided dice in different colors, and something to write on.


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