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Côme Martin

Meanwhile, in the subway

Meanwhile, in the subway

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The subway runs below the city; no map binds it and what happens in its hallways is never completely coherent.
Each station is unique and a source of unexpected adventures.
Each passenger, when met, turns out to be someone amazing.
Sometimes, people leave the subway, bringing the memories and dreams of their stories with them…

  • A setting for games such as Itras By, Troika or Electric Bastionland
  • A standalone game with its own system which requires a GM and 3 to 5 players, and can be played as a 2-hour one-shot adventure or as a longer campaign
  • A beautifully laid-out, double-sided, imaginary subway map you could proudly display in your living room


Foldable zine,  90 x 60 cm (35,4 x 23,6 inches), ENGLISH


Writing by Côme Martin
Layout and design by Nicolas Folliot

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