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Slowquest Adventure Booklets, Pack 1

Slowquest Adventure Booklets, Pack 1

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Three tri-fold booklet adventures from Slowquest, each of the three booklets is its own self-contained adventure, ready to run as a one-shot, or to insert into your existing campaign.
These are designed for 5th edition D&D, but are kept rules-light and easy to adjust on the fly for other fantasy TTRPG systems.

Poggin's Passage: Watch out on your passage through the mountain, this old rest-stop is being used by other travellers! Keep an eye out for the Oddle, fearful toad-sorcerers. And be weary for bothersome bandits, ready to make your life a misery.

Turmoil of the Tampered Tome: A dangerous book has sent Grilda's castle into chaos! With demons rampaging, and a hoard of enchanted plants badly defending it, will you be able to find the cursed tome before it's too late?

Forest Flurry: Venture into the usually whimsical forest to recover Pim's lost scroll! Who has taken it? And why are those Mushrump acting so weird?

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  • Trifold Booklets x 3 - A5 folded, color
  • PDF


Written & Illustrated by Bodie H.

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