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Slowquest Adventure Booklets, Pack 2

Slowquest Adventure Booklets, Pack 2

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Three tri-fold booklet adventures from Slowquest, each of the three booklets is its own self-contained adventure, ready to run as a one-shot, or to insert into your existing campaign.

These are designed for 5th edition D&D, but are kept rules-light and easy to adjust on the fly for other fantasy TTRPG systems.

Worrywind: Brave adventurers must race against a spreading infection as it takes over the Windwood Isles, trying find the source and come up with a solution before they themselves turn to twisted, flower-covered plants!

The Halls of Gralk: Infused with rich magical energies, the Halls of Gralk attract an array of unusual visitors. The many rooms of the dungeon have been transformed, destroyed, settled, squatted and re-purposed countless times, leaving a bizarre mixture of mismatched sights.

Trunk Trial Triumph: Hidden within the gargantuan trunk of this tree-town is an obstacle course known as the Trunk Trial, open to any visitors who want to test their wits, and entertain the locals.

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  • Trifold Booklets x 3 - A5 folded, color
  • PDF


Written & Illustrated by Bodie H.

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