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The Lost Bay Studio

Wicked Wanderers Winter Bundle

Wicked Wanderers Winter Bundle

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16 items by 6 international designers; hours and hours of play with your favorite pitch-black fantasy tabletop RPG. 10% off the retail price during pre orders until Sept 20. Shipping Early November. PDFs available after pre-orders. Shipping from the UK and the US.

The winter waxes cold, dark, and scary. Need something to fight the blizzard? We got you covered. The Wicked Wanderers Winter Bundle comes packed with all the Mörk Borg–compatible content you need to get through the winter: lose yourself in a vanishing town, explore haunted islands and cathedrals in 4 minidungeons with a Mythos twist, fulfill the 4:3 Misery with a dice-drop map, conquer a polar bear dungeon, be Scäkla and escape from an underground prison, discover new classes, fight mycelium NPCs, read your destiny with a cursed oracle, and beware the howling lamb!

16 items by 6 international designers; hours and hours of play with your favorite pitch-black fantasy tabletop RPG. 


  • C5 bundle box
  • Blood Moon: NEW ADDITION, A6 Concertina
  • Isbjörn: bear dungeon, A6 2-fold card
  • Papa Mush: mycelic NPC, double-sided A5 card
  • Pallid Jailor: terrifying class and monster, double-sided A5 Card
  • The Cross Stitch: adventure in a vanishing town, 40-page A5 zine
  • The Cross Stitch: ruin map, double-sided A5 Map
  • The Cross Stitch: note, single-sided A5 Leaflet
  • The Cross Stitch: town Map, single-sided A4 Map
  • The Cross Stitch: scripture, double-sided bookmark
  • 4d20 Swords which Are Not +1: cursed sword and adventure generator, A5 Z-fold
  • MØRK FÆNGSEL: solo prison-crawl escape, 4-page A5 zine
  • MØRK FÆNGSEL: player sheet x 5
  • Whispers in the Darkness: 4 minidungeons with a Mythos twist, 16-page A5 Zine
  • It Came from the West: prophecy oracle, dice-drop A3 foldable map
  • It Came from the West: A6 card
  • Portents & Curses of the Prince of Gorse: solo oracle, double-sided bookmark
  • Soft box

Dice not included

Johan Nohr and Pelle Nilsson on The Lost Bay Podcast

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Whispers In The Darkness, It Came From The West and Blood Moon
Art and text by Nyhur
Editing by Ian SerVaas

Papa Mush
Art by Elvyn Moreau
Writing and Layout by Christian Sorrell

Pallid Jailor
Writing and Layout by Christian Sorrell

4d20 Swords Which are Not +1 and MØRK FÆNGSEL
Writing and Layout by Philip Jensen
Editing by Ian SerVaas

Portents & Curses of the Prince of Gorse
Credit Alfred Valley

Credit Philipp Teich

The Cross Stitch
Art, writing, and design by Ben Mansky
Editing by Philipp Teich and Tiff Ting
Playtesting by Chrissi Heil, Aidan Fischer, Tiff Ting, Deniz Kesmen, Carter Long, and Peter Brøgger.

Bundle details

Blood Moon
Keep Track of blood covering your character, make a pact with the Blood Moon to gain unnatural abilities. Kill or be killed.

The Cross Stitch
Sönderfall was never much to look at, but as one of the only outposts on the trek between Tveland and the Western Kingdom, travelers came to rely on it for a brief respite from the road. Until a week ago, when rumor reached Schleswig that Sönderfall had vanished overnight.
In The Cross Stitch, you’ll explore a missing town, meet its eccentric residents, and confront the terrible deity at its heart – if you dare. This folk-horror adventure for MÖRK BORG can be played as a one-shot or part of a campaign.

4d20 Swords Which are Not +1
Stop creating +1 Swords and start creating swords filled with power, potential and dread.
The sword has history, it has a will. It wants you to kill. But something changed. You're not the same anymore.
4d20 Swords Which Are Not +1 is a supplement made to create a quest hook for the weapon of your dreams or just a quick way to roll up an epic sword at the table!

MØRK FÆNGSEL is a solo prisoncrawl made to be put in your pocket with a pen a d6 and hours of pain and suffering.
You play as Scäkla, a scum imprisoned deep underground. You will encounter monsters, weird people and find items which will help you escape. Progress room by room. Roll dice and draw the rooms as you go, otherwise how will you know which way you went? Anyway, try not to die. You will most likely die.

Whispers In The Darkness
Whispers In The Darkness is a collection of four dark MÖRK BORG adventures that will take you through a weird lovecraftian trip.
Starting from a Galgenbeck cathedral haunted by a possessed abbess, plunging in cold ocean depths to discover the forgotten Südglans, then up the peaks of Bergen Chrypt to commune with the God-Eating Darkness, and finally reaching the metaphysical island of Venus Red after consuming the bleeding Mothershrooms.

It Came From The West
It Came From The West is an oracle map for MÖRK BORG fulfilling the 4:3 Misery. Drop the dice on the land and watch it burn.

Papa Mush
A tiny, terrible ruler and his fungal warband for MÖRK BORG. Inspired by the wonderful art of Evlyn Moreau. Reformatted and updated with a full page of odd items carried by Papa Mush and his entourage.

Pallid Jailor
Discover your far away home, use a unique boon granted to you by your liege and pursue those who would defile the laws of the land as the Pallid Jailor, a player class for MÖRK BORG. Reformatted and updated with a full page location and enemy bounty, The Molded Man, to pursue in your liege’s name.

Isbjörn is a one page beastcrawl for Mörk Borg. A huge polar bear died in the forest. Brave villagers investigated and never returned. How did the bear get into the forest and where did the people disappear to? Climb into the deepest bowels of a giant bear and find out.

Portents & Curses of the Prince of Gorse
Eschew company! Heed the omens! Beware the howling lamb! This bookmark-sized solo tool provides a narrative oracle and repercussions procedure for Mörk Borg.

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The Wicked Wanderers Winter Bundle is an independent production by The Lost Bay Studio and is not affiliated with Ockult Örtmästare Games or Stockholm Kartell. It is published under the MÖRK BORG Third Party License.

MÖRK BORG is copyright Ockult Örtmästare Games and Stockholm Kartell.

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