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Exeunt Press

Eleventh Beast

Eleventh Beast

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ELEVENTH BEAST is a solo monster hunting game.

You are a CROWN INQUISITOR of The Imprecatory Society of Salomon’s House. A secret order of daemon hunters commissioned by King James to battle the first BEAST. Since then, a new BEAST has arrived every thirteen years.

The year is 1746, and the ELEVENTH BEAST is approaching. INVESTIGATE the rumors. LEARN its secrets. HUNT it down, and purge this evil from the land.


ZINE EDITION: This is an updated version of the original trifold edition as an A5 (5.8" x 8.3") zine with improved layout and art. It does not significantly change the original rules, content, or random tables. Approximately 20 pages. Printed on 100 lb. satin text with a 130 lb. Soft-Touch cover.

NOTE: This item is the game book (zine) only. It does not include any additional components. Dice not included.

WHAT YOU NEED TO PLAY: Some paper or a notebook, along with some sketching tools. You’ll also need five six-sided dice (5d6), one eight-sided die (1d8), a deck of cards with jokers removed, and three kinds of tokens.


Exeunt Press

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