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Fallen Bundle - Full pack

Fallen Bundle - Full pack

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Fallen Bundle

The stagecoach pounds over muddy lanes through the woods; the light of its lanterns casts a gauzy haze in the descending mist. Donning a splattered and torn long coat and tricorne hat, your rogue desperately hangs on to the rear of the bounding vehicle while taking aim at the shrieking creature that pursues your party. The mission? To get the last archivist with knowledge of damning evidence safely to the town. One silver bullet left!

Investigate haunted mills. Holdover in cider-serving taverns, seeking the headless apparition terrorizing the countryside. Hunt werewolves through the night—all with the Fallen Bundle!

The Fallen Bundle brings you a standalone tabletop RPG and a set of supplements and accessories to lose yourself in haunted moors and inns. Designed to you by Perplexing Ruins and a team of international designers and artists.

The Campaign Notebook Redux Edition is packed with adventure-creation assets and mapping helpers: tables, blank hex and dotted canvasses, and dungeon morphs. Use it for solo or group play, for your Fallen adventure, and beyond for any fantasy RPG.

Three decks of beautifully illustrated cards complete the bundle.

The bundle comes packaged in the iconic The Lost Bay Studio cardboard folder. Folder size is C5 and fits perfectly in your gaming library.


  • Fallen, core book, 40p, digest, b&w
  • Hilgraab, city setting companion, 40p, digest, color
  • Campaign Notebook Redux Edition, notebook & zine, 28p, A5, b&w
  • Demon card, A5, printed on cotton paper, color
  • Character sheet classic (2p), US letter
  • Character sheet redux (2p), A4
  • Map, US letter folded, b&w
  • PDFs of all of the above
  • Oracle deck, tarot size, 20 cards, b&w
  • Bestiary deck, tarot size, 20 cards, color
  • Equipment deck, poker size, 17 cards, color 


Fallen zine

  • by Perplexing Ruins
  • Cover by Zach Vaupen Hazard
  • Editing by Jim Parkin
  • Layout by Guilherme Gontijo

Hilgraab zine

  • Text, layout, art by Perplexing Ruins
  • 20 Hooks & 20 Villains by Eduardo Carabaño
  • The Vermilion Vestige & 100 Curious Curios by Josh Domanski
  • Deeper Understanding by Brad Kerr & Yochai Gal

Campaign notebook Redux

  • by Perplexing Ruins
  • Layout by Iko

Decks, map, classic character sheet, demon illustration by Perplexing Ruins

Alternate character sheet by Bruno Prosaiko

Bundle cover by Evangeline Gallagher

Core book content

  • A classless 2d6-plus-bonus system allows for degrees of narrative action, be it a Success, Complication, or Miss
  • A skills system that is based on narrative action; you won’t be rolling for strength or swimming, but Crafting, Mending, Incantations, and Venturing
  • A dice-pool magic system of Incantations
  • An advancement system that lets you grow mundane items into notable Magical Items
  • Simple creature stats using a malleable Rank system
  • A travel system based on Way Points
  • Numerous tables and prompts to generate content

Hilgraab zine content

  • Tables for rolling rumors, establishments, whispers
  • Tables for NPCs, gangs, cults, environments and more!
  • A shop containing rare items
  • D100 list of curious items
  • D20 lists of hooks and villains
  • A short starting adventure by Brad Kerr


  • Three “campaign” sections, which include a hex map, 2 grids, and a dot sheet
  • Numerous blank d8 tables per section for you to fill in to your preference
  • D88 Wilderness Encounters
  • D88 Dungeon Encounters
  • D88 Settlement Encounters
  • D88 Loot Body table
  • D88 Item Creation tables (Mundane & Magical)
  • 72 Dungeon Geomorphs to roll and draw from (make them wobbly for caverns)
  • Multiple d8 NPC, Settlement, and Dressing tables
  • Numerous d8 tables to generate items, creatures and locations on the fly
  • Two blank “idea” pages for you to collect inspiration
  • Places in each section to keep track of NPCs, rumors, threads, etc.

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