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Côme Martin

Feathered Adventures

Feathered Adventures

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Solo game/Adventure

You’re not all from the same place; you’re not all from the same family, and sometimes you don’t see each other for months... But the bond of the brood unites you.
For as long as you can remember, you’ve had a thirst for adventure, maybe because this world is too dull and you have a vital need to shake your wings every once in a while. So grab your backpacks and let’s go!


132-page A5 book, soft cover, full color


  • Côme Martin (writer)
  • Guylène le Mignot, Melville Tilh-Pluñvenn, Vivien Féasson, Julien Pouard, Rae Nedjadi, Grant Howitt (guest writers)
  • Nicolas Folliot (layout and inside illustrations)
  • momatoes (cover illustration)
  • Clément de Ruyter, François Maumont, Helkarava, Alain Gruetter (inside illustrations)
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