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By Odin's Beard RPG

Runecairn Zine Collection

Runecairn Zine Collection

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A bundle of the three Runecairn stapled zines (Core Rules, Beneath the Broken Sword, and Advanced Rules). 

Includes PDFs

Core Rules is a 44-page, black and white tabletop RPG zine, which includes a Norse fantasy setting, a full game system, and character creation rules for adventures set after Ragnarok destroyed most of the Nine Realms of Norse mythology.

Core Rules Includes:
- Play designed for two players, one Warden and one Adventurer.
- Full rules for play, based on the streamlined Cairn system and with mechanics inspired by the Dark Souls game series.
- Dynamic combat filled with devastating weapons, reactive magic, and reactive abilities.

Beneath the Broken Sword is a 12-page, black and white adventure for Norse fantasy tabletop RPG Runecairn, and serves as an introductory dungeon crawl for new adventurers.

Beneath the Broken Sword Includes:
- Play designed for two players, one Warden and one Adventurer.
- 12-room tutorial dungeon intended to introduce new players to the system and world of Runecairn.
- A dangerous new monster to be overcome, the stone demon.
- 8 new Omens within the Cave of Echoes to test the Adventurer.

Runecairn: Advanced Rules is a 20-page, black and white tabletop RPG supplement for Norse fantasy roleplaying game Runecairn, adding new starting classes and optional rules. Runecairn is based on Cairn by Yochai Gal, with streamlined rules, fast character creation, and gameplay based on exploration and player choice.

Runcairn: Advanced Rules Includes:
- 2 new advanced starting classes: Berserkr, Pyre
- New options for solo play with a rune-based oracle
- New random delve generator for creating Norse dungeons
- New options for 3 or more players with summoned allies and invasions


  • Runecairn: Advanced Rules, A5, 44P
  • Runecairn, A5, 20p
  • Beneath the Broken Sword, 15, 12p
  • PDFs


Colin Le Sueur (Writer/Designer/Editor/Illustration)

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