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Lay on Hands

Lay on Hands

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Lay On Hands is a storytelling game zine for one player by Alfred Valley in which you play an unnaturally gifted healer in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Using an unusual diceless system that will have the player spinning a coin and completing real-life dexterity tests, the game has been described as a cross between Ironsworn, Troika and an activity sheet. Combined with striking, grainy folkloric artwork, Lay On Hands is a completely unique experience.

You might also be interested in Tundrabower, limited edition supplement for Lay on Hands. 


  • zine
  • oracle sheet
  • zine + oracle + maze + character sheet PDFs
  • PDF


Alfred Valley


A5, 36 pages (including cover), b&w, contains a separate oracle sheet

Alfred Valley on The Lost Bay Podcast

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